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25 Feb 2014

Congratulations to Chapter W, the New Mexico District’s 2013 CHAPTER OF THE YEAR!

Submitted by chrisndougwrra

Chapter W tracked all of it activities throughout the year and summarized them in one large packet that was forwarded to the District.  The activities included all chapter gatherings, Leadership classes, all the Rider Ed sessions, special events such as its birthday party and more.  If YOU participated in a Horizons class or a Rider Ed session YOUR name went forward as part of the CHOY packet.  Certificates of course completion for chapter members were part of the packet.  If you attended a Chapter W activity, even if from another NM chapter, you probably helped W meet the participant activity numbers required by GWRRA.  So, bottom line is that a great many Wingers made this all possible.

 Chapter W’s CHOY packet has been forwarded to Region F where it will now compete with the Region CHOYs.  The winner will be announced at the May Region Convention in St George, UT.

 GOOD LUCK Chapter W and again, congratulations on a job well done.

Doug & Chris